Ksenia Kossaya, textile designer

Ksenia Kossaya, textile designer

"I am a young designer" are almost the first words Ksenia told me. In this sentence one can ear all the modesty of Ksenia Kossaya, founder of the Kokosha Studio. But it also contains a load of energy, one of a free spirit who decided to give her own version of Russian folklore. With her geniality, Ksenia took me into her creative process and told me her stories, the ones that grow into her mind before coming alive on silk and cashmere. 

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What is your background ? 


I studied at Kalinin College of Decorative and Applied Arts, a craft school, specialized in traditional Russian arts and crafts. From 1995 to 2003, I work at Valentin Yudashkin Fashion House, a fashion brand, and I made textile design and scarf design. After that during 10 years I worked as an interior designer. And 3 years ago I decided to make scarves for my own brand. 


A to Z for the Lion design :


Where does your brand name come from ?


My brand`s name is a Russian imaginary name, which is especially close and dear to me from my childhood. It refers to a lot of beloved ones. If you look for it, you can find a little girl named Kokosha on my scarfs.


What is your brand identity ? 


I really love and know Russian folklore, which is a very powerful source of inspiration. The main idea of my brand is to create a fresh version of it. Folk images and symbols did not die, they continue to live and breathe nowadays. I want to show what they are really like.
In order to  achieve and modernize it, it is very important not to be afraid of new coloristic and compositional ways.


Do you think about your clients when you work ? 


My first scarf was created without any thought about whoever's opinion, in full independence. It was the birth of my brand. But then I had to start its social life. Of course, I want my ideas to spread and people to react to them. For that, the main instrument is the use of color.


What is your wish for Kokosha ?


My main wish is to create a full collection : scarves, but also clothes. And of course keep exploring other countries !


Esquisses of a lace design :


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