Parallels //

Parallels //

An exhibition curated by Alexandra Maurer Chammas and Marine Birot

Set Design Emmanuelle Sacchet

From May 24th to 30th at Hlevozavod. 


"A journey is a madness that obsesses us and draws us into its myth."

Sylvain Tesson


March 2017, Laure Debrosse begins to photograph the freight trains and their loads, whilst imagining the parts of the country they have traversed.

Through her eyes we discover a thousand stories - those of the trains, the landscapes they have immersed in, the trees they have journeyed with, the people conveyed. An abstract dialogue links them and tells an imaginary story of the longest parallels ever seen between Moscow and Vladivostok.

The dialogue is continued through this exhibition. The eyes of the outsider rub against the experience of Russian artists, Irina Petrakova (Moscow) and Kirill Krjyuchkov (Vladivostok), and their works, which describe in their own way the Russia of today, showing how the flux of globalisation crosses it, leaving its mark.


The collective, consisting of 3 artists, 2 curators and 1 set designer, was born of these exchanges, these connections, and our confronting of the myths and feelings that the country creates in us and through us.


At the crack of dawn, we found ourselves on the outskirts of town with a group of strangers that knew us - that is what it means to ´be a foreigner.’

L'Usage du monde (1963), Nicolas Bouvier


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The Parallels exhibition will end on May 30th with an auction in favor of Capital of Mercy. Laure Debrosse has been very touched in her work with handicapped children and wishes to support, with her art, the work of the fund.

Capital of Mercy Fund is dedicated to children in need. The main activity is helping and developing programs in orphanages: medical care, health, rehabilitation, social and entertainment support for handicapped children, contribution to education, labour adaptation, professional orientation and sport. The Fund also supports families with multi-handicapped children and parents with a low social background.

Capital of Mercy has 8 branches in the Russian Federation: Saint Petersburg, Moscow region, Samara, Voronezh, Saratov, Vladimir, Ulyanovsk and Tchita (Baikal).

Together with Laure Debrosse and the “Parallels team”, our project is to buy music instruments for handicapped children in the MAYAK CENTER. Thanks to the proceeds of the auction, music will be a part their rehabilitation and training.

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Slava PTRK, streetartist

Slava PTRK, streetartist

Margarita Pushkina, founder of Cosmoscow

Margarita Pushkina, founder of Cosmoscow