Vcevolod Lisovski, commisioner of Teatr.doc

Vcevolod Lisovski, commisioner of Teatr.doc

Sometimes the language barrier creates an interstice for poetry. This is what happened with Vcevolod Lisovski. I share with you his tired, yet funny, sometimes absurd, yet so archetypically Russian and somehow poetic interview. 

Vcevolod accepted to send written answers to my questions. That explains the very quick style. And I decided to tell you nothing more about him than what he chose to share, as a nod to the verbatim method : when nothing is added to the author's words. In Russia, many theatrical performances are based on bringing real characters to the scene. I find Vcevolod would be a very interested "figure" to develop into a real theater character. 


Tell me who you are. Can you introduce yourself ?

I am 50 years old, without education, housing or substantial income. But I'm not a marginal, rather a theatrical figure.

What means being an artist in Russia today ? Do you feel being part of a generation ?

Perhaps being a young artists is not easy in modern Russia. In any case, middle-aged artists like me are tired
I really do not like when people call me an artist. I really hope I never become one. I prefer to consider myself an explorer.

Do you feel being part of a generation ?

I am certainly part of my generation. Only I have no idea what that means.

What is the role of artists in Russia today ?

The role of artists in modern Russia should not be exaggerated. They influence little on the life of society.

Do you feel a social or political responsibility ?

I certainly feel some political responsibility for what is happening in the country and in the world. And this responsibility leads me to despair.

What is your everyday routine ? Do you have any ritual ?

My everyday life is gray and inexpressive. I sleep, I lie on the couch staring at the laptop monitor, smoking and swearing obscenities. Perhaps this can be called rituals.

How do you seek for inspiration ?

I do not wait for inspiration. I think

What is your creative process ?

I really think. I think on some topic and sometimes something hatches.

Where do you work ?

When work happens, you do not have to choose.

Do you have a mantra ?

I often use unprintable expressions. This is probably my mantra.

Do you feel like an entrepreneur ?

I'm definitely an entrepreneur. Only a very bad one.

A book you would recommend to understand contemporary Russia ?

My knowledge of Russia is not from books.



If you want to see a play by Vcevolod, "Implicit Impact" will be performed at Teatr.doc on Dec. 16th. More info on the website of the Theater. 


Georg Panov, graphic artist

Georg Panov, graphic artist

Irina Petrakova, visual artist

Irina Petrakova, visual artist